Chris Crafton


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Name: Christopher Crafton
Alias: Skywave

Powers (To be discovered):

  • Ability to see / hear various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (Infrared, Ultraviolet, Gamma Ray, Microwave, Etc)
  • Ability to create electromagnetic waves at various parts of the EM Spectrum:

Super Low Frequency Range: Can cause electrical shocks on touch with objects/people etc.

Radio Range: Can create and recieve radio waves

Audio Range: Can create audio from various places nearby (Similar to ventriloquism) in various sounds.

Visual Range: Can create optical illusions, and blinding bursts of light.

Microwave Range: Can heat up nearby objects via generating Microwave Radiation.

X-Ray Range: X Ray Vision

Gamma Ray Range: Can create devestating bursts of gamma rays that disintegrate organic material at higher frequency or cause mutations at lower frequency.

Cosmic Rays: Superheated destructive particles (ie plasma and the like).

  • Ability to change into pure energy of any form of the Electromagnetic Spectrum and travel appropriately.

Chris Crafton

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