Heroes in the 502

The Beginning

No one was sure how it all began. Maybe it was the alignment of the planets in our solar system, or maybe it was the comet that passed by too close to our planet. It could have even been the result of nuclear testing unknown to the local populace. Whatever the cause in December of 2012 a large number of people in the Louisville Metro area woke up forever changed.
It was a Sunday morning when Mike woke up with a strange headache. He had been out drinking at Phoenix Hill Tavern the night before and figured he just had a hangover. It wasn’t till he his daughter tripped down the stairs that he noticed something was different. Even though he was half way across the room he had managed to leap over and catch her before she hit the first step. He had covered 25ft in a split second. He set his daughter down as he realized his body was heated. He stared long and hard at his skin. He begin peering closer. He could see his skin slightly vibrating. Mike Keith’s body was in such a state of hyper speed that his molecules were vibrating. He had read about this kind of thing before. In comics about the Flash.
The rest of the day he spent running across the city, county, state and even country. He was even back in time for lunch.

Meanwhile across town Krista Reams was having her own problems. She had got early to drive up to her favorite store Kiya. On the way up there her car had broke down. Being the practical person she had a battery charger in her trunk. She figured maybe her battery was dead and she’d try to get it restarted. As she went to connect the cables something odd happened. Sparks of electricity shot form her fingers and started the car. She panicked, backed away and fell down on her butt. As she stood up more electrical energy flew from her and over charged the battery causing it to explode. The energy poured from her and grabbed on to the nearby power lines and passing cars. By the time it was over the entire area was suffering a blackout.



I had to put Krista in contact with those battery cables lol

The Beginning


The Beginning

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