Heroes in the 502

Chris's Voyage

Christopher sat at his apartment, at about midnight, listening on his ham radio gear. Suprisingly, the background noise was relatively quiet, but there seemed to be a lacking amount of people talking, so he continued tuning through the radio frequencies, eventually arriving at the maritime radio frequencies – where ocean liners, cruise ships, and other globe-travelling-boats tended to gather. While listening for transmissions, he elected to go pop some microwave popcorn…a good snack to munch on while biding his time. He stood up from the leather chair at his desk, making his way into the kitchen. The wooden cabinet made a slight ‘squeak’ when
it was opened, obviously in need of perhaps some wd-40, or other friction reducing substance, albeit Christopher frankly had no interest in worrying about such things tonight….‘No work tonight, just play’ being the current thought in his mind. As he put the popcorn into the microwave, he tried to start it…to no avail.
“Great. Going to have to call maintenence and get a new one,” he sighed, apparently needing a replacement microwave.
Chris shook his head, taking the bag back out and holding it in his hand….irritated, he stared at it for a second, eyes narrowing,feeling the heat from his frustration welling up in his body. Suddenly, something rather unusual happened… ‘pop!’ He blinked.
‘What the hell…’
“Pop! pop! pop! pop!” Chris’s hand glowed a dim red as the popcorn in the bag began popping – of all places – in his hand! Frightened, he dropped the bag on the ground, taking a step back. Were there ghosts in his apartment? Was this a random fluctuation of nature? Or did HE do that – if such a thing were possible? He picked the bag up, opening it, taking a bite of the popcorn… “Tastes fine..” as he was frightened, but at the same time trying to lie to himself and pretend that nothing had just happened. Sitting down at his desk, he heard a distant transmission on a maritime frequency… a fishing boat in the arctic circle chit chatting with another fishing boat about a great load of lobster that they had caught today. Smirking, he tuned through the radio some more, eventually hearing a ship who seemed to be having microphone problems, while trying to call out a ‘mayday’ hail…their mic was cutting in and out, and the US Coast Guard couldn’t get an affirmative copy on their position. Chris’s pulse beat slightly faster, as he looked down at a spare mic in his desk, thinking to himself that it was a shame and pure irony that while he was sitting here with a useless extra microphone, in his warm, comfortable apartment – a boat was in trouble somewhere out there because the mic that they had was shorting out. If only he had a way to give his mic to them… He picked the extra mic up and stood up, staring at it, running his thumb up and down the ‘push to talk’ button on it’s side. Suddenly, and without warning, his body felt light, and began to glow in a myriad of colors….and from his perspective, everything seemed to take on a glow. Amazingly, his entire body, clothes and all, along with the microphone he held, turned to pure electromagnetic energy – specifically radio waves, and it followed the signal from the ship that was in trouble! It entered the boat through the radio antenna, coming down through the radio, and reformed into Christopher, standing right by the communications officer in the radio room of the ship! Chris stood in disbelief and shock, accidentally letting go of the mic, and dropping it on the lap of the communications officer.
“Oh, boy.”
Chris Crafton

Ship in a storm 01


The ability to travel through radio waves?

Chris's Voyage

The ability to become part of, generate, or manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum.

Chris's Voyage

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